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Introduce "Food from Hyogo" to customers here and abroad

Hyogo Prefecture, which is called the "epitome of Japan", is blessed with various land forms,
so it produces extensive agricultural and livestock products.
KOBE PLAISIR, a restaurant directly managed by JA Zenno Hyogo,
was born with the hope of introducing extensive "Food from Hyogo" produced by the producers in Hyogo
Prefecture to customers here and abroad.
It opened here in Kobe (Sannomiya) , Tokyo, in 2016.
Enjoy our dishes centered around Tajima beef, Kobe beef, Teppan-yaki steak and Hyogo's various vegetables.
Many customers from overseas visit our restaurants.

- main restaurant -
( Kobe Sannomiya )

Opened in 2008. Five minutes' walk from Sannomiya Station of each line.
As a restaurant with local produce for local consumption, we offer "food of Hyogo" by connecting with local producers.

Kobe Sannomiya
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